Change Management

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” (George Bernard Shaw)

Change Management word cloud, business concept

It’s interesting; if you asked one hundred people if change is a necessary element for growth and development virtually all one hundred would answer “yes.”

The Primary Challenge to Change

But, in reality, most individuals and many organizations find it very difficult to make necessary changes. Why? Because we humans are, by nature, creatures of habit. The Center for Advances Research in Utah estimates that possibly as much as 80% of what we do – we do because of habit. We do the things we do, and act the way we act, based on our habits. Most of our behavior isn’t predicated on policy or directives, or because of bad parenting or a mean and difficult boss. We behave the way we do because of our habits.

In addressing the issue of change and how to manage change – individually or organizationally – several issues have to be identified and discussed. In this Forum session those issues are addressed head on.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Understand Why Effecting Change – And Managing Change is so Difficult
  • Acquire the Necessary Tools for Managing Change
  • Understanding the Change Curve
  • Learn How to Change and Succeed Under Any Condition
  • 8 Steps for Successfully Managing Change
  • Understand Techniques for Habit Change
  • And More