Conflict Resolution

Don't Fear Conflict; Embrace it - it's Every Leaders Job.

Coaching Mature

The ability to recognize conflict, understand it’s nature and being able to bring about a swift and just resolution will serve the leader – and the organization well. Ignoring workplace conflict will almost guarantee it’s escalation. Moreover, unresolved conflict often results in loss of productivity, stifles creative problem solving and kills collaboration.

What Causes Conflict?

So, what creates conflict in the workplace? Anything and everything. Opposing opinions, competition, ego, pride, jealousy, compensation, work schedules, policy issues. Employee conflict in the workplace is a common occurrence, resulting from the differences in employees’ personalities and values. Resolving that conflict constructively – is not so common.

Conflict Resolution is Every Managers and Leaders Job

Conflict resolution is an important part of a manager or leaders job. Why? Because conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. The good news however is when conflict is addressed in a healthy, productive fashion – good things happen.

This Forum session addresses not only the causes of workplace conflict but we also discuss several ways the manager or leader can deal effectively with conflict – in a very positive and productive fashion.

Tangible Outcomes

  • Understand the Two Primary Causes of Workplace Conflict
  • How to Define Acceptable Behavior in the Workplace
  • How to identify areas of Potential Conflict
  • Identifying the WIIFM Factor
  • How to Choose the Battles Worth Fighting
  • And More