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Fanatical Dedication

Fanatic: a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal…

Becoming An Outperformer

My friend and colleague in the National Speakers Association, Jim Cathcart, caught my attention a few months ago when he used the term “fanatical dedication” in his latest book, “The Self-Motivation Handbook.” In this book Jim gives over 300 tips, techniques and strategies for growing into the person you want to become – by focusing on dedication.

Jim’s philosophy on fanatical dedication fits perfectly with the philosophy of Outperformers International. Outperformers understand how important focus, persistence and dedication are in achieving success – in any endeavor. Here are a few excerpts from Jim’s book I think you’ll appreciate:

Focus On Dedication First

“Every great achievement is preceded by a period of fanatical dedication. When there is a big gap between you and your goal, the only reasonable way to bridge that gap is by being unreasonably dedicated…at first.”

“Moderation is not the key to success. One might exercise with moderation to STAY fit, but nobody BECOMES fit by exercising in moderation. Great athletes are fanatics – they show up earlier, and train longer than their competitors. They learn to love the work.”

‘When building a new business it consumes your every thought. Every person is a prospect or a resource. You become a fanatic about it, at first.”

“When you totally commit to a goal, you tap your full potential. Then, once you have bridged the gap, you can do your work “in moderation.” To get to the top, give it all you’ve got – be a fanatic, at first.”

Good advice, wouldn’t you say?

Fanatical Dedication Jump Starts Your Progress

Being fanatically dedicated – at first – jump starts our progress. As I’ve said many times, success and achievement are about doing – not about dreaming. The stronger our dedication – the greater your chances for Outperforming the competition.

I’d highly recommend you pick up Jim’s book “The Self-Motivation Handbook.”  It’s a treasure trove of excellent motivational advice. Here’s the Amazon link.

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Les Taylor is the founder and managing partner of Outperformers International. He is an award-winning author, professional speaker and recognized expert in the field of performance improvement and professional development. Les is a former law enforcement executive, served as the executive director of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is a past president of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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