Innovation and Creativity

The Two Most Valuable Skills for Changing the Status Quo

CreativityInnovation: The process of making something new or of greater value.

Creativity: Using imagination or original ideas to change the status quo.

Don’t Fix – Innovate

A few years ago I wrote an article for titled “Don’t Just Fix – Innovate.”

My hypothesis was that standard problem-solving often stifles innovative thinking and/or creative decision making. As business owners or managers, we’re expected to fix a problem quickly so we can get back to business as usual. When we just focus on fixing a problem – so we can get back to work – we overlook the opportunity to get creative and innovative – and possibly come up with a solution that could take our problem (broken process) to another level – and probably improve performance and productivity.

Guaranteed Mediocrity

In today’s marketplace, just fixing problems without finding ways to raise the bar in terms of innovative solutions will all but guarantee mediocrity. Here’s a better plan, estbablish the expectation that innovative, creative problem -solving will be recognized and rewarded – instead of putting the emphasis on putting out the fire and getting back to the same old – same old.

Expectations Have Changed

The next time a problem raises it’s ugly head, which will probably happen sooner than you’d like, instead of simply trying to fix the problem and restore the status quo, look for innovative ways to resolve the issue and improve the standard that currently exists. Why is this idea so important? Seth Godin, marketing guru extraordinaire says, “It’s no longer to be good enough. You now have to be exceptional.”

Expectations have changed. We now live in a time when we are surrounded my excellence. Unless we figure out ways to be a little more innovative and creative in what we have to offer our customers or clients – we’ll be left in the dust by our competition.

Innovation & Creativity Are Learn-able Skills

Part of the learning curve for becoming more innovative and creative is simply asking the question, “Is there a different or better way to do what we’re doing?” Simple enough? But, the reality is that humans are all creatures of habit. Experts estimate that mostof what we do (upwards of 80%) – we do because of habit.

Learning to be more innovative and creative is not particularly difficult but it does take a little time – and instruction. That’s exactly what this Forum session is about.

Tangible Outcomes

  • How to Get Out of the Wilderness of the Status Quo
    • And Why it is such a dangerous place to be
  • Learn 7 Habits of Highly Innovative People
  • Understand How to Unleash Creative Thinking
  • Learn How to be More Creative at Work
  • And More