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Your Primary Responsibility As An Employee

Busy PeopleEver hear the adage the primary role of a manager is to “get things done through people?” Peter Drucker had a different take. He said: “The primary role of every manager is to contribute to the success of the enterprise.” I couldn’t agree more but, I would argue that contributing to the success of the enterprise” is the primary responsibility of every employee… in any organization.

It’s Why You Were Hired

Think about it. You were hired by your employer because he/she believed you had the experience, talent, education, or skill to help the company succeed. A company isn’t responsible for simply providing jobs. Companies are in business to provide a product or service to customers or clients, and to make a profit by doing so. No profit, no business.

Look Past Your Job Description

Look past your job description to the bigger purpose for the position you hold. The reason you work for the company you work for, is to help that enterprise succeed. Looking at your job from his perspective should both motivate and inspire you to bring your “A” game to work every day.

Let me give you a little advice from someone who has been in the workplace for over fifty years, me! Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. As Dave Ramsey said in his book “The Complete Money Makeover” said: “Don’t try and keep up with the Jones’s, the Jones’s are broke.”

In the context of this post, don’t try and emulate your coworkers, for the most part they’re looking for a check. Conformity is the opposite of courage. Set your own standards and do so with the idea of doing everything you can do to help your company succeed. You won’t be sorry you did.

About the Author

Les Taylor is the founder and managing partner of Outperformers International. He is an award-winning author, professional speaker and recognized expert in the field of performance improvement and professional development. Les is a former law enforcement executive, served as the executive director of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and is a past president of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

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