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Collaboration Trumps Competition

If you are looking for a magic bullet for curing most individual and organizational ills – you’ve found it, it’s called collaboration. Competition creates opposition. Collaboration creates community. Which would you rather have? I’ve often said, if I had a bag of magic dust I could sprinkle on someone to help them become a better […]

Leadership: You Are a Compass

The basic definition of a leader is someone who has followers. As John Maxwell says: “If you think you’re leading but no one is following – you’re just out for a walk.” If you’re in a leadership position your primary role is to convince your followers that you know where you’re going. People follow managers […]

Leadership, Likeability and Influence

Leadership is about the ability to influence. People follow leaders because they trust them. Here are a few ways to be a positive influence in the workplace and, in the process, develop a cadre of devoted followers: 1. Learn your coworkers or your employees first names and use them. People love hearing their name – […]

How to Improve Leadership Skills

Are leaders made or are leaders born? My answer is “yes.” There are natural leaders, those folks who have always been able to influence their followers but, leadership is also a skill that needs to be nurtured and developed. Here’s a short list of how to improve leadership skills: Keep an open mind and allow […]

How Much is Good Leadership Worth?

Is there a connection between good leadership and increased profits? The Gallup organization believes there is. Having conducted research with more than 17 million employees on the degree to which they are emotionally committed to their company’s goals, their findings include: “Engaged” employees are more productive, more profitable and more customer-focused. “Actively Disengaged” employees erode […]

The Building Blocks of Successful Leadership

Want to become a more successful leader? Here’s some research from the Center For Creative Leadership in Greensboro, N.C. that provides some insight into how to build a successful career. I’ve often said that personal and professional development cannot be left to chance. You won’t wish your way to success and achievement. Personal improvement and […]

Enemies of Productivity

We all want to be more successful and make a greater contribution to the world we live and work in. The problem? Life gets in the way. It’s the things we do – or don’t do – that rob us of the joy of accomplishment and contribution. Here’s how to deal with “life; Live intentionally! […]

Are You a Leader or a Ruler – Part 3

In today’s post we look at the last two differences between a leader and a ruler. Being a positive influence on staff and playing to the individual strengths of team members only strengthen your leadership influence – and remember, leadership is all about influence. Leaders focus on the positive – Rulers are faultfinders: Leaders encourage. […]

Are You a Leader or a Ruler – Part 2

In yesterday’s post we looked at the first distinction between a leader and a ruler – specifically that leaders influence and rulers demand. Today we’ll discuss two more of those differences. Leaders are transparent – Rulers…not so much: No one likes to think something is being hidden from them.  When things aren’t going well or […]

Are You a Leader or a Ruler?

Definitions: A leader is person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. A ruler exercises dominion. While those descriptions are interesting, I think the primary distinction between the two is that a leader has the ability to influence – both people and outcomes. People follow leaders because they trust them. And they trust […]