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5 Keys for Building Trust

           “The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust         them.”                                                           Ernest Hemingway   Successful leaders develop relationships with their team based on trust. When employees trust and respect their leader(s) they give extra effort – especially when they feel supported and informed. Trust is the gold standard for relationship […]

The Power of Empowerment

Empower: Giving the authority or power to do something. The most common definition of management is : “Getting things done through people.” The most common problem in the marketplace today is promoting an employee to a management position – then not teaching him or her how to manage. As a result, management becomes micromanagement – […]

7 Qualities of an Effective Team

If you were asked to put together a team to take on an important project, how would you go about choosing your team members? Assuming the available pool of employees or coworkers includes the technical skills you’re looking for, what other qualities or characteristics would you need to consider to put together a team that […]

7 Reasons Why Team Building is Important

It was recently reported that team building might be the most important management skill in the marketplace today. Why? Because the majority of the men and women in the workplace today were raised and educated with a mindset of being the member of a team.   Here are seven reasons why team building is such […]

Don’t be Too Action Oriented

A Harvard Business Review Article titled “Why Organizations Don’t Learn,” points out how being (too) action oriented can actually be detrimental to performance and productivity. Here’s the excerpt: How do you usually respond when you are faced with a problem in your organization? If you’re like most managers, you choose to take some kind of […]

Collaboration Trumps Competition

If you are looking for a magic bullet for curing most individual and organizational ills – you’ve found it, it’s called collaboration. Competition creates opposition. Collaboration creates community. Which would you rather have? I’ve often said, if I had a bag of magic dust I could sprinkle on someone to help them become a better […]

The Management/Coaching Overlap

Whether I’m watching my favorite sport – football, or my favorite sporting event, the Ryder Cup – I always pay as much attention to the coach as I do to the game. Why? Because, there’s a strong correlation between coaching and managing. Great coaches have a good game plan – they’re able to play to […]

How Much is Good Leadership Worth?

Is there a connection between good leadership and increased profits? The Gallup organization believes there is. Having conducted research with more than 17 million employees on the degree to which they are emotionally committed to their company’s goals, their findings include: “Engaged” employees are more productive, more profitable and more customer-focused. “Actively Disengaged” employees erode […]

It’s All About Them!

Building strong relationships is critical to personal and professional success. No one succeeds alone. Our success depends on the help of others and, more often than not, our success depends on how helpful we can be to someone else. Here are a few tips on how you build those important relationships. Stay connected – one […]

Success is a Team Sport

The past couple of days we’ve been looking at fundamental truth as it relates to success and achievement. Understanding that time is precious and our most limited resource should cause us to want to use our time wisely. Becoming a life-long learner positions us to discover that one idea that can change our life forever. […]