Keynotes and Workshops

Increase Your Performance Capacity

As an expert in the field of Performance Improvement and Professional Development, Les has the experience and platform skills you need to make your next conference, corporate meeting or training event a huge success. He’s been on the platform and in front of audiences since 1982. Les is the a past president of the Arizona chapter of the National Speakers Association. His 27-year career in law enforcement positions him to provide unique and interesting perspectives to the challenges you and your organization are facing.

Les Can Put the Power of the Platform to Work in Your Organization.


Open or close your next event with a high-energy, interesting and entertaining keynote presentation – tailored to your specific needs.

Workshop/Seminar Leader

Improve performance and productivity by showing your employees or association members how to create a "Strategic Performance Advantage."

Master of Ceremonies

Keeps your event upbeat, fun and on schedule.

Corporate Spokesman

Les has the stage presence, speaking credentials and media savvy to be a respected representative of your organization.

What Makes Les Taylor Unique as a Professional Speaker?

  • An expert in the field of Performance Improvement and Professional Development – who happens to be a phenomenal speaker
  • 27 years of experience as a successful police manager and leader – he retired as the Assistant Chief of Police for a department of over 400 personnel – to become Executive Director of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police. He is also Graduate of the FBI National Academy.
  • An experienced speaker – professional member of NSA (National Speakers Association)
  • Past President of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association
  • Award-winning author of “Moving From Activity to Achievement” (Keys for Transforming Your Life and Your Business) and “Stop Walking in Circles – Get Out Of The Wilderness of the Status Quo.”
  • “Expert” author for Ezine– having written 93 articles (and counting) for this web-based publisher. Click Here for a list of Les Ezine Articles
Les Taylor dynamic speaker

Typical OUTCOMES from one of Les’ presentations on Professional Development:

  • Employees / association members learn the most effective ways to contribute to the success of their company or trade association
  • Employees/Association members learn how to “Increase their Performance Capacity”
  • How to create a simple but powerful Outperformers Action Plan
  • How to develop a strong personal brand in the workplace – an employees greatest asset in the workplace or marketplace
  • Keys for becoming an effective manager or leader in the organization
  • Managers learn to communicate more clearly and effectively with their teams
  • Managers will learn to make better and faster decisions