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7 Ways to Sabotage Your Success

Too Much Time on Facebook. one of the biggest time sucks known to man. I know you need to be on Facebook for your business, we all do, the problem is you’re not using it for business; you’re mindlessly thumbing through updates that make no real difference in your life or your career. You’ve Fooled […]

Facts About (Business) Failure

Look at the following reasons why 80% of businesses fail. Understanding why others have failed is the starting point for making sure you don’t make these same mistakes 1. Failure to understand yourself. • Who are you, and what are you really seeking to achieve? • Identify your strengths. Do they compliment what you want […]

Sam Walton’s 10 Rules for Success

Someone once said, if you are going to get advice on how to become successful, ask someone who’s done it.  All things considered, I think getting advice from Sam Walton might be a good place to start. Here are Sam’s 10 Rules for Success. #1 Commit to Achieving Success & Always be Passionate #2 Share […]

The One Word Key to Success

The late Jim Rohn had the best definitions of failure and success I’ve ever heard. Jim said” Failure is the result of a few errors in judgment – repeated every day – and success is the result of a few simple disciplines – practiced every day.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? We fail to achieve what […]

Listen Up!

I wanted to share this excerpt from an article by Harvey Mackay on the importance of developing good listening skills. I think you’ll find it helpful. Here’s a link to the full article if you want to read more. Here’s the excerpt: “Whatever the reason, developing good listening skills is critical to success. There is […]

6 Characteristics of Success

Six Characteristics of Success When you study success, you’ll find unequivocally that successful people in any endeavor have one thing in common: they think differently than less successful people. Roger Ailes, the founder and CEO of the Fox News Channel, is quoted as saying: “There’s a big difference between those who want to be something […]

Close the Gap Between Effort and Results

There’s probably a gap – actually a huge chasm – between what you say you want and what you actually do to get what you say you want. Why? Because you’re confusing intention or effort with results. The reality, however, is we aren’t paid for effort; we’re paid for results. Don’t buy into the collective […]

7 Ways To Think Creatively

I have this theory that the three things most people would like to avoid (at all costs) are dying, speaking publicly and thinking creatively. Well, the first option is unavoidable, you might be able to dodge the second, but you’re really shooting yourself in the foot if you try and avoid creative thinking. Here’s the […]

If – Then Planning

You’ve heard me say before that achievement is about doing – not about dreaming. Achievers have a desire and the ability to get important things done when others are spending their time making excuses. Did you really have no time to get your workout in today? Were there not five minutes in your entire day […]

Good Questions Change Everything

Finding the answer to a good question can change everything. The spirit of inquiry is the genesis of change. Innovators have recognized this for centuries. Three kinds of questions stand out as the basis for all meaningful change. Those three questions are: Why? This question helps articulate the challenge at hand and/or try to understand […]