Stop Walking in Circles

Everyone wants to succeed. We all want to have a better life. The problem isn’t desire, the problem is not having a plan or process for getting us from where we are now to where we want to be. Walking in Circles is the title of a scientific study which happens to provide the perfect metaphor for what happens when an individual or an organization that doesn’t have a plan for reaching an intended destination.

In addition, The Center for Advanced Research conducted an “Employee Goal Awareness Study” which measured the degree to which employees are aware of their respective organization’s goals for success and achievement. The results of the study were staggering. The bottom line? A shockingly high number of employees in almost every sector of the economy couldn’t name a single organizational goal.

The Only Way To Get The Future You Want Is To Create It

No one wishes their way to success and achievement. We get the future we want by planning for that future then by executing on that plan. Everyone in the organization needs to be involved and engaged.


  • Understanding the Power of a Plan
  • Why Most Performance Plans Fail
  • Three Essentials for Creating a Powerful Performance Improvement Plan
  • Creating a S.M.A.R.T Vision Statement
  • Keys for Clarity & Focus
  • Making Your Calendar Your New Best Friend
  • How to Create Your Personal or Organizational Outperformers Action Plan
“Les Taylor's presentation, "Stop Walking in Circles" at the AzSAE Annual Leadership Forum Set the tone for the entire conference.  The attendees walked away with useful information that can be applied to both their work and personal life. I would happily recommend Les Taylor as a speaker for your next conference.”

Lisa Zarda, CAE AACS AzSAE 2014 Leadership Forum Chair

"This informative presentation, combined with your expertise, energy, and a creative venue, made this a successful event for our chapter. We are very pleased with the comments we have received from the attendees. You gave us all some great information."

Linda Ruby, CMP, CHME Co-Chair HSMAI Education Committee