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The Value of Being Disciplined

A Few Simple Disciplines The late Jim Rohn had the best definitions of failure and success I’ve ever heard. Jim said: “Failure is the result of a few errors in judgment – repeated every day – and success is the result of a few simple disciplines – practiced every day.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? We […]

Success Key: See Failure As Feedback

There’s an old adage that says success breeds success and, to a certain extent that’s true. Successful people tend to make success a habit, regardless what they do. The reality however is that successful people have a whole different take on failure than most. The successful, in any endeavor, learn from their failures and mistakes […]

A Bias For Action

A bias for action is one of the most necessary traits for an Outperformer. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or an employee committed to contributing to the success of your company, you’ll need to have – or develop – a bias for action if you want to be successful. Studies find that the […]

The Power of Just Saying “No”

Saying no to the requests of others may actually mean saying yes to your real values and priorities. Sounds a bit counter intuitive but, saying no to opportunities, to requests for meetings, or to contribute to worthy causes might actually be one of our most important tools in our arsenal for improving performance, productivity and […]

The Inevitable Future is in Your Hands

I was reading an article last week regarding financial planning and came across the term “inevitable future.” The context of the article was retirement planning. The point the author was making was that her experience with older clients is that many have failed to plan for the retirement lifestyle they want to have now. Retirement […]

Fanatical Dedication

Fanatic: a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal… Becoming An Outperformer My friend and colleague in the National Speakers Association, Jim Cathcart, caught my attention a few months ago when he used the term “fanatical dedication” in his latest book, “The Self-Motivation Handbook.” In this book Jim gives over 300 tips, techniques and strategies […]


Persistence: Firm or abstinent continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Persistence – PGA Style Jimmy Walker, professional golfer, has not had an easy path to the highest echelon of golf. Though he first played on the PGA Tour in 2005, he was frequently sent back to the equivalent of […]

Your Primary Responsibility As An Employee

Ever hear the adage the primary role of a manager is to “get things done through people?” Peter Drucker had a different take. He said: “The primary role of every manager is to contribute to the success of the enterprise.” I couldn’t agree more but, I would argue that contributing to the success of the […]

The Dangers of Dabbling

Dabbling is one of those words we don’t use very often, but maybe we should. The definition of dabbling is having superficial or intermittent interest or, to work at anything in an irregular or superficial manner. Either way, dabbling is not a good thing for an Outperformer. Two of the Primary Causes of Dabbling Disinterest. […]

Pursue Excellence – Not Perfection

I recently developed a presentation/workshop titled “Rules For Successful People.” One of those rules for succeeding – in anything – is to abandon perfectionism. There are plenty of reasons for abandoning the pursuit of perfection. The primary reason however is that perfection is a myth. Nothing is perfect. As human beings, we’re not perfect, by […]