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Management and Leadership Development

Leadership diagram
Well-managed companies pay very close attention to the development of their most valuable resource – their people. They view the professional development of their employees – and particularly their management team – as a key ingredient to building a sustainable business.

Natural leaders have been influencing their followers for as long as they can remember – starting on the school ground. But, leaders also need skill development. They need to learn how to forge strong relationships, how to effectively communicate and how to make good decisions.

Managers need development as well. The only way to get the manager your organization wants and needs is to help them develop the skills necessary to manage effectively. Skills like effective communication, collaboration, problem solving/decision making, goal setting and goal achievement.

You need a program that’s affordable – in-house – and directly linked to your organization’s strategic plan. That’s why Professional Development Forums are the most cost effective way to prepare the future leaders of your organization. Outperformers International has an affordable and practical solution to help you develop your managers and future leaders.

The Forum Structure

  • Forums meet once a month – for up to 2 1/2 hours
  • Forums are held in-house
  • Session topics are custom designed for your organization’s needs
  • Designed to be highly interactive
  • Involve up to 20 members of your management or leadership team

How do we start?

  • WE meet to discuss relevant topics and YOUR outcome objectives
  • YOU decide if the process makes sense for you and your organization
  • WE agree on the number of sessions and establish a start date.
  • YOU select the managers or future leaders to participate in the Forums
  • WE work together to develop the management and leadership skills of YOUR future leaders.
  • YOU receive ‘Forum Feedback” – WE adjust forum curriculum as necessary