Stop walking in circles: Create a simple but powerful Outperformers Action Plan

Les Taylor’s book, Stop Walking in Circles, is the perfect metaphor to describe what happens to an individual or organization that does not have a plan and a process for improving performance and productivity. This book shows you how to create a simple, but powerful (One Page) Outperformers Action Plan for staying focused and on-track for an entire year.

I just finished reading “Stop Walking in Circles” and wanted to send my sincerest congratulations! It is clear, to the point, and says what many are afraid to say. Marnie E. Green, CSP, IPMA-CP Management Education Group, Inc.

Moving From Activity to Achievement: Keys for Transforming Your Life and Your Business

Les Taylor’s book, Moving from Activity to Achievement, will change your thinking – and doing – about success and achievement. Use the simple but powerful techniques taught in this book to to get whatever you want in life – personally or professionally.

Outperformers Online Coaching

One of the fastest ways you can improve your performance and productivity is through coaching. There are two reasons why this on-line coaching package will work for you. CONVENIENCE and AFFORDABILITY. The Outperformers (online) Coaching Package offers you the ability to access high-value content for performance improvement and professional development when it’s CONVENIENT for you. And it will be available to you online 24/7.

For only $29.95 a month Outperformers (On-Line) Coaching Package Provides:

  • A Daily Blog on Performance Improvement or Professional Development
  • A Weekly Performance Improvement Article
  • Articles on Performance Improvement or Professional Development from other respected resources like Forbes, Entrepreneur, LifeHacker – and others
  • A Monthly 30-45 Minute monthly Teleseminar
  • A Quarterly 30-45 minute Webinar
  • And even an occasional phone call or email exchange with me when you need a little personal advice or a quick second opinion.