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Peter Principle Pitfalls

Here’s an all too common problem in organizations today, promoting people to a management position – but not teaching them the skills they will need to manage effectively. We call this the Peter Principle, based on the book by the same name and the extensive research of the author of that book, Dr. Lawrence J. […]

The Value of Being Disciplined

A Few Simple Disciplines The late Jim Rohn had the best definitions of failure and success I’ve ever heard. Jim said: “Failure is the result of a few errors in judgment – repeated every day – and success is the result of a few simple disciplines – practiced every day.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? We […]

Success Key: See Failure As Feedback

There’s an old adage that says success breeds success and, to a certain extent that’s true. Successful people tend to make success a habit, regardless what they do. The reality however is that successful people have a whole different take on failure than most. The successful, in any endeavor, learn from their failures and mistakes […]

Think Big – Start Slow – Move Fast

When it comes to improving performance and productivity, one of the “secrets” on everyone’s performance improvement list is goal setting. The question isn’t “does goal setting work?” The real question is whether or not goal setting is even necessary. The short (and only) answer is yes. As Brian Tracy says, “Goals are the fuel for […]

Don’t be Too Action Oriented

A Harvard Business Review Article titled “Why Organizations Don’t Learn,” points out how being (too) action oriented can actually be detrimental to performance and productivity. Here’s the excerpt: How do you usually respond when you are faced with a problem in your organization? If you’re like most managers, you choose to take some kind of […]

Start With Why – Not How

If you’re serious about improving your performance and productivity, I recommend starting with a serious self-analysis of “why” you want to be more effective and productive – rather than line-listing how you might go about doing it. While it will be important to develop a methodology for “how” you will go about improving performance, the […]

Living An Excellent Life

I’ve long studied ways to live a life better, to be successful, to help others along the way and to make my life count for something. As Steve Jobs famously said: “We’re here to put a dent in the universe… .” I recently came across a poem by Chief Tecumseh that sums up what I […]

Beware of Busyness

It is so easy to confuse our daily busyness with our daily business. We earn our living in business, but waste much of the rest of our time on busyness – which profits us little. Believe it or not, it takes just as much work to have a productive day as it does to have […]

P.U.S.H Persist Until Something Happens!

Fall down seven times, get up eight.” That wise saying underscores the importance of persistence in the world of performance improvement. In fact, many would argue that persistence is the single most important attribute in the success mindset. Throughout history, we’ve been reminded of the value of sticking with something we’re passionate about until we […]

Close the “Gap” on Your Performance

One of the best ways I know to help you get from where you are now – to where you want to be – is to employ the “Gap Analysis” technique. This simple process can be used by an individual, a team or an organization to clarify what will have to be done to improve […]