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How Everyone Can Convert Their Passion into a Profitable Enterprise

Who benefits from written goals? Individuals, Entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners, and Large Corporations.

Les Taylor Shows You How to Leave Behind the Wilderness of the Status Quo

Les Taylor shows you how to identify the status quo of performance and develop The Outperformers Action Plan.

Stop Walking in Circles – Create a Simple, Powerful Performance Improvement Plan

Here’s how to build a simple but powerful one-page plan to take your performance and productivity to a higher level.

5 Ways to Derail Personal Improvement

Les identifies five habits that will derail goal achievement and performance improvement.

New OPI Offering

Starting in March of 2013 Les will be posting one or two video vignettes to help you improve your personal improvement or professional development.

OPI Target Markets

Les identifies three primary target markets for Outperformers international – Small Business Owners, Corporate Leaders and managers/supervisors.

Performance Coaching

Why do world-class athletes, professionals in every field and top executives have a coach? Because they need an outside set of eyes to evaluate their performance. Coaching may be the fastest way to turbo-charge your performance and your career.

Five Performance Improvement Essentials

Applying these five essentials, personally or professionally will take your personal or professional performance to the next level.

The One Page Business Plan

Five key questions you need to ask and answer to make your small business a success. According to best-selling business author Tom Peters, “The One Page Business Plan is an out-and-out winner. Period.”