You Are the Brand!

Brand: An Identity or an Image Regarded as an Asset

We buy our clothes, our coffee and our cars based on a brand. We buy them because we believe in their quality, we buy them because we’ve tried their products and value the experience of dealing with them.

What about you? Do you have a strong personal brand in the workplace or marketplace? The answer is “yes.” Like it or not you do have a brand.

The questions is, how strong is the quality of your brand?

It’s All About YOU, Inc.

You are the sole proprietor of a personal services corporation. You are the president and CEO of YOU, Inc. You are every bit as much a brand as is Starbucks, Coca Cola or Disney. You’re known for something. You have an image. Your value in the marketplace has been established.

Don’t like the brand you currently have? Change it! If you like your current brand – learn how to strengthen it!

This informative and entertaining presentation or workshop will show you how to strengthen a positive brand – or how to re-brand yourself into the strong, positive brand you need to be of valuable to the marketplace or the workplace.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Six Keys for Establishing a Positive Personal Brand
  • How to Use Your Brand to Build Strong Relationships
  • How to Establish Brand Credibility
  • How to Market your Personal Brand
  • How to Maintain a Strong Personal Brand
  • The Key for Establishing and Maintaining Brand Value

LISTEN to how Patricia of Gainey Village Health Club & Spa successfully reinvents her Brand — thanks to Les!