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What Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

A few years ago I came across a book by Amy Morin titled “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” I was intrigued by the title so I decided to find out what those thirteen things were. In doing so, I couldn’t help but draw the analogy between Amy’s list and what I would consider […]

Develop The Power of Persistence

There’s a Japanese Proverb that says: “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” That wise saying underscores the importance of persistence as you strive for performance improvement. In fact, many would argue that persistence is the single most important attribute in the success mindset. Throughout history, we’ve been reminded of the value of sticking with […]

Intentional Living

We are beginning 2018 with one major performance theme, and that theme in intentionality. Life is way too short to live any other way. We can do a better job of living intentionally by getting very clear on a few common behaviors. Here’s a short-list of positive behaviors that can keep you focused and intentional. […]

Choose Excellence – Not Perfection

As we look back on 2017 and we look forward to the year ahead I want to offer two suggestions regarding what you might want to STOP doing and what you might want to START doing to make 2018 a year of strong performance, high productivity and real achievement. Here’s something to STOP doing this […]

Broken Windows – It’s the Little Things That Count

There’s a long-standing theory in law enforcement regarding how a police department can effectively deal with serious crime. The theory is called “Broken Windows”. Long story short, the theory posits that serious crime in a community such as rape, robbery and murder, are the final result of a lengthier chain of events. The theorist’s believed […]

Ramp Up the Rituals – Increase Your Performance

Rituals Stimulate Action Rituals are the actions that embody our stories and express our values and beliefs. (Wikipedia) High performing individuals have a number of things in common. At the top of that list is a commitment to daily rituals. The Late Jim Rohn, America’s Foremost Business Philosopher, shared this little secret for failure and […]

2 Sure-Fire Qualities For Promotion

Last year Forbes Magazine cited the two primary qualities for getting promoted. One was the ability to set priorities and work on high value tasks. The second was the discipline to get the job done quickly and well. Since both of these qualities fit perfectly into the profile of an Outperformer, I want to elaborate […]

How Much is Good Leadership Worth?

Is there a connection between good leadership and increased profits? The Gallup organization believes there is. Having conducted research with more than 17 million employees on the degree to which they are emotionally committed to their company’s goals, their findings include: “Engaged” employees are more productive, more profitable and more customer-focused. “Actively Disengaged” employees erode […]

Exceptional is Expected

In the latest issue of Fast Company magazine the editor, Robert Safian, lists “Twelve Innovation Lessons for 2014. The first lesson on Mr. Safian’s list is, “Exceptional is Expected.” Google is the poster child on this prestigious list and among the reasons listed for it’s lofty position is that Google has a laser-like focus on […]

Clarity Deficit Disorder

We have a problem in this country and it’s not just the partisan gridlock in D.C. In a country absolutely brimming with opportunity – for everyone – we find too many people and too many businesses not achieving the success and accomplishment they both desire. Why? CDD – Clarity Deficit Disorder. What is CDD? It’s […]